Chris & Beverley Aiton

Chris and Beverley Aiton have served as Senior Pastors at Gateway Church since 2002. They have been in ministry for over thirty five years and have adult children.
Jemima their eldest is married to Mark and have two sons, Ezekiel & Caleb. They are Senior Pastors of Kingdomcity, a growing church in Perth. Christina their second daughter is married to Peter and they are currently on the mission field in Asia. Their youngest James is married to Katelyn and they have two daughters, Hope & Sienna.  They are serving the Lord as Lead Pastors of a Church in Manila, Philippines.

Chris & Beverley with their young family served as missionaries in the Philippines from 1981 to 1994 where they were involved in national church leadership and church planting. Chris and Beverley are ordained ministers with Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God).
Both Chris and Beverley have a passion for reaching the lost and developing people’s personal walk with the Lord. Their messages are based on a thorough study of Biblical truths. They believe the answer to real life problems is found in the Word of God. These messages are delivered to you in a clear, down-to-earth, humorous manner. Their vision is to establish a church that ministers to the whole family, from the newborn to the great-grandparents and reach their community and beyond with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

When you visit Gateway Church, you will find a pastoral ministry that passionately cares about your personal and spiritual relationship with the Lord. A ministry, that believes in developing your individual gifts and talents.

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